Our History


Our family has been living up North for quite awhile. We enjoy living off the land. The best seasons are spring, summer, and fall when hunting and fishing is at its finest. Around that time, you’ll see some of us around the park helping out. We cover all aspects of the outfitting business such as bear hunting, fishing, and duck hunting. We respect all clients and pride ourselves on customer service and product delivery.

The park was originally founded by Simon Nabess, the current owner’s grandfather, in 1966. It was built on the land around his trapper cabin at the very end of the road. Hunters and fishers from all around would come to the park, not just for the game, but for the remarkable hospitality. From there, the park was passed on to James and Carla Nabess who continue to operate the park with the same kindness and generosity.

The park is a close-knit community of family and friends, making it a very enjoyable experience for our customers. Below is a list of the available guides who will take you out hunting, fishing, and touring around the area during your stay.

Meet the Family!


James Nabess


Jesse Nabess


Sandy Nabess


Stan Genaille


Zack Nabess


Chris Nabess