The kitchen is a separate facility in the center of the park. There are plenty of tables for everybody to sit down and enjoy their meal, and there’s also access to a TV and WiFi. Meals are served three times a day and during your stay it is guaranteed that you will have at least one meal cooked with freshly caught game.

The kitchen appliances include a microwave, toaster, deep fryer, grill, and gas elements. The washing station has four deep basin sinks to clean up after a meal. There is also a stainless steel island that can hold warming trays for food.


The cabins are fully winterized, with baseboard heaters in each room and a gas/electric stove in the central room.

Each cabin has two bedrooms that have a bunk bed and built in shelving for storing your belongings. The bathroom has a stand-up shower and electrical outlet for any hair appliances. Basic amenities will be provided during your stay such as linens, soap, etc.

The kitchen includes a mini fridge, double sink, gas stove, coffee maker, microwave, and other basic utensils. You are responsible for your own food in the cabin.

We are expanding therefore new cabins are being built every year.







The park has a dock you can fish from, along with a free to use boat launch. Fishing trips are accompanied by a guide and one of our boats. Pike is the most abundant species in the Cormorant Lake. Any fish you catch will be packaged and frozen, or cooked fresh at a shore lunch.

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